Majd Alsado


how ai would describe me

13 Nov 2022

The following is a lightly edited snippet of how GPT-3 describes my professional experiences.

👋 who am i

I’m a civil engineer by trade and a multi-faceted builder with a passion for problem solving. I’ve always been interested in how things work and taking them apart to see how I can improve them. This curiosity has led me to a career in engineering where I get to apply my skills to create solutions that make a difference.

🚀 what am i pursuing now

I’m currently working as a Solutions Consultant at Ada, honing my sales skills and helping build confidence in our Conversational AI product with prospective customers by demonstrating how Ada can deliver value to their business.

🔨 what i also do

I’m also experienced in PHP and Python web development through building side projects such as an automated video streaming service, an AI identity guesser, and other small applications.

🏃‍♂️ and what’s next

I’m always curious for the next challenge. Whether it’s continuing my work at Ada or taking on a new project, I’m confident that my skills and experience will help me build something great.